Containing 3000+ major & mid-sized companies of Kuwait, the Kuwait Database is the most updated and advanced database resource on Kuwaiti companies. Our aim has been to provide you with an updated database of the major and mid-sized companies of Kuwait with each entry being individually verified. Our team have made thousands of phone calls, updated every field and re-checked for errors. We want you to use this database for research, marketing and maintain your own databank of companies.

About Publisher:
OSS Group was established in 1995. From a humble beginning and a staff of three but dedicated individuals bent on establishing a name for themselves. With limited resources an uphill task lay in front of them to compete with bigger, deep pocketed and already established trademarks. It was hard. Today is 2012. The hard work, dedication and sacrifices of a decade paid off. OSS Group now has clients in 77 countries.

“With this undertaking the burden is upon us to maintain the integrity of the quality of information while ever increasing the number of companies. With frequent updates, we promise to continue delivering quality information to our clients whenever they require.”

Kuwait Database